DNHS Sims (Death Note High School) Part 1

Let's get right to this, shall we?
((I spent half the night trying to locate this shots. Aren't I a noob or what?))

Meet the Fairbrooks.
Mother Veronika, daughter Alice and son Dexter.
Typical single parent family... just don't ask about the father.

And the Lawliets.
Father Watari, twin sons L and B, and baby Matt.
Not your typical single parent home. No mom whatsoever.

Once the Fairbrooks moved into the neighborhood, Watari went to greet them.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Watari."
"Same here. I'm Veronika."

Once they began to talk, Watari's true desires came out.

"I've always wanted to have a baby..."

Meanwhile, Alice and Dexter decided to get some studying in.

"What are you studying, Alice?"
"How to be a proper mother. What about you?"
"Cleaning for Dummies."

All of a sudden, these two start flirting and slow dancing in the living room.

"You know, I could get used to having you as a neighbor..."
"Just ignore mom, Alice. She's flirting with strangers again."
"I'm not calling the police this time around."

After studying, Dexter decided to work out in the middle of the living room and mom threw a fit.
(Or was it from the random guy who walked in just to eat the pizza she just order?)

*unf* One... *unf* ...Two... *unf* ...Three...
"Dexter! Don't do that in the living room! Go upstairs with that!!"

That random guy eating pizza tried to hit on Alice and got what he deserved.

"Hey, babe. Wanna ride my - -"
"Get the hell away from me, pervert!!"

As soon as Watari went home, he started working out.
(I didn't see why. He's a fine piece of mancandy~)

"Got... to... do... one... crunch...!"

Meanwhile outside, B decided to teach little Matt how to talk.

"Hey, Matt. Are you ready to talk yet?"

"Can you say 'B'?"

"B! B! B!"
*squee* "That's good! Very very good!"

"I'm so proud of you, Matt~!"
*is suffocating to death*
"L, I met the most wonderful woman and - -"
"Do I have to hear about how you swoon her, or can I go back inside?"

This is how most of the day is for the Fairbrooks: reading.

"Hmm... there's a sale on strawberries downtown..."
"Children respond better when both parents are present and happy..."
"Most germs can live on survives for months at a time... Yikes."

(Seriously, Alice is only a teen and is wanting to have a family and get married.)

When Watari invited Veronika over to visit, he greeted her with a huge kiss.

*too shocked to noticed that two other woman are staring*

B decided not to greet Veronika but play online.

"Oh yea! Level up!"

L decided to brush up on his cooking skills.

"How to bake simple strawberry shortcake..."

I wanted him to meet Veronika, but this is what happened instead.

"...How peaceful."

B dropped Matt in his room to order some pizza.

Can you say "bunny"?
"Bugs Bunny!"
"WTF did you say, Matt?!"
"B! B!"

And where was Watari doing this??

Making out with Veronika in the kitchen.

They move pretty damn fast for people who just met a few hours ago.

After hours of learning and playing, Matt finally went to sleep.

"Sweet dreams, Matt. I love you."
*dreams of video games and a little brother*

Alice got a date, but was stood up.

"...." *sniffles*

That's all for now~!

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Final Farewell Part 2

Title: Final Farewell Part 2
Fandom: MelloxNear (implied)

AN: The second half of Final Farewell. Enjoy!


Near awoke the next morning, with a minor headache. As he opened his eyes, he saw Mello next to him, and was ready to get extremely confused, before he remembered what had happened yesterday. He turned slightly pink at the though of that, though simply pushed that to the side. Since the blonde's arms were wrapped around him, it would be impossible to move without waking him up, though he would need to get dressed soon. The members of the SPK would naturally be coming to him for orders, after all.

Mello woke to his arms being moved slightly. He opened his eyes and saw Near looking at him. "Morning, Near..." he breathed with a small on his face. Near smiled as well, "good morning Mello." He said simply, relieved that he wouldn't have to wake him up. He didn't want to get up yet, but he knew that he would have to in the next few minutes, just the thought made him tired again.

Mello sat up and stroked Near's hair lightly. "Did you sleep well, Nia-chan?" He reached into his pocket with his other hand and pulled out a bar of chocolate. Mello broke it in half and offered it to Near.

"Yes, actually." Usually Near didn't sleep all that well, and the times when he did were few and far between. Not to mention he often had nightmares and other such things which easily disrupted him. "You're pretty comfortable," he said fighting back from laughing. He took the chocolate Mello gave him, and ate a small square. He'd never had much chocolate before, but didn't mind how it tasted, though it seemed kind of odd to have it so early in the morning.

"I know I am..." Mello chuckled and took a bite out of the chocolate. "Sorry I didn't have anything else on me for you to eat." He looked around for the other's clothes. They were thrown away in the heat of the moment. "Do you want me to hide when the other's arrive?"

"That's fine," Near muttered sitting up. "But there's no need for you to hide, in fact I don't want you to." It really didn't matter, because he knew that no one would question why Mello was here. He took another bite of the chocolate, hearing it snap quite loudly.

The blonde nodded and reached for the small pile of fabric that laid a few feet away. "Found your pants. I didn't think you'd still be wearing rubber ducky boxers, Near," he said with a small laugh. Near flushed and took his clothes from Mello, "it's not like I buy them." He muttered putting his clothes back on.

Mello snickered a bit and found his shirt laying on top of one of Near's robots. As he reached for it, he heard something that made him freeze.
'Sir, Halle signing in. I'm on my way up.'

Near took his shirt from Mello and hastily buttoned it up, he hoped to god that there weren't any obvious marks on his neck. He didn't disable the security, because he knew that he had Halle's information on file. Halle, being an overachiever, just had to be the first one to show up.

"Crap..." Mello said under his breathe, standing up, "Why did she have the be the one to get here first?" He offered Near his hand. "Does she even have a life outside the SPK?"

Meanwhile, Halle walked through the door and made her way to the elevator. As she pressed the button, she saw Mello's gun near the door. Why would Mello's gun be there if - - The woman quickly headed for the stair, getting her own gun ready.

Near took Mello's hand and stood up, letting go quickly. "She just likes to show off her dedication a little bit," he said smirking lightly. "It's annoying." Mello sighed, "So then. I'll just stay here then. Halle won't do anything to me since I don't have my gun on me, right?" He looked towards the door and saw Halle running up to them with her gun drawn.
"Slowly back away from Near, Mello," she said, keeping her eyes on Mello.

Near nodded turning to Halle, "Put down your weapon. Mello is not here to kill me or anyone else. I am giving Mello some of our information since he can act where we can not." It was a good explanation and it wasn't entirely false.

Halle nodded and put her gun away. "I see. Sorry for jumping to conclusions, Sir," she said, bowing. Mello scoffed, "Maybe if you used that head of yours, you would have known I don't have my gun on me at all... but then again, you can't help being a dumb blonde woman." Halle looked up at Mello, "So, what does that make you, Mello: a dumb blonde man or a dumb blonde woman?"

"Mello, even if you didn't have a gun you can still kill someone. And both of you, don't even start acting like children. If anything is going to get done, it won't happen if we are having childish spats." Near muttered, completely unconcerned.

Gevvani walked into the room without announcing himself and it was obvious he had just been awoken. "Eh, what's going on?" He asked, looking from Halle who was obviously upset and Mello.

Mello scoffed. "I rather not get my hands dirty killing someone without my gun," he said. He hurt him a little to say that to Near but he had to keep a front around the others. Halle sighed. "Yes, sir." She turned her attention to Gevvani. "It's nothing, Gevvani."

Near nodded, understanding more than what was simply said. "Gevvani," he said unconcerned. "Did you observe anything unusual in Mikami's routine?" Gevvanni came back to reality, and instantly seemed very awake. "Yes actually, he went to the bank, his safe deposit box. He has never done that except on Wednesdays. I followed him, and found something very interesting. The notebook Mikami is carrying around is a fake, the real one is in his safe deposit box."

Hearing that, Mello made his way towards the door. "I've heard all I need to hear." He stopped momentarily and looked back at Near. "Thanks for everything, Near." The thank you came out as soft as a whisper and he knew Near would have heard it. He walked into the darkness of the hallway and disappeared.

Halle looked on with a confused look on her face, but decided not to question it. Near didn't quite understand, but he couldn't do anything about it. "Thank you Mello," he said quietly to himself. He hoped that Mello wouldn't get himself into any more danger, especially seeing that the case would soon be finished. "Gevvani I want you to replace the pages in both the real notebook and the fake notebook, and make sure no one can tell that's what you have done."

Gevvanni simply gave a curt nod, showing that he'd understood. "It'll take about a day or two," he muttered, knowing it wasn't of great importance but felt like stating it anyway.

Mello made his way to the elevator and sighed. It was best that he go on about his business and tried to forget that little moment with Near. The doors opened and walked inside, leaning against the wall.

"Sir, do you want me to continue guarding Takada?" Halle asked once Mello was in the elevator. "Yes, I want you to do so for a little while longer. It might be a problem for Takada to be alive by the time of our meeting with Kira, but as long as we keep her away it should be fine. She should not be a problem." Near stated this all very quickly, as though he wanted to get it out of the way. "I understand. I'll head over there now." Halle bowed and left.

In the elevator, Mello looked up at the ceiling. Don't think about him... he repeated to himself. Just thinking about Near in his weakest state, calling out his name made it more difficult for Mello to leave. He had a mission to do and he couldn't be daydreaming about Near.

Near nodded, both Halle and Gevvanni had left to do what they needed to, thus leaving Near completely alone. Rester was not here yet, and Mello was long gone. There was not much to do concerning this case, at least not until the meeting. He had to admit that he was terrified about meeting Kira face to face, because it was possible that he could die, at least he could die only if Gevvani failed to replace the pages in the notebook.

Walking outside, Mello stopped in front of one of the security cameras and looked into it. He had to tell Near the one thing that was on his chest. Near had to know.
"Near, are you alone?"

Near wasn't expecting that, but was certainly glad. He pressed the button, and talked into the microphone, "yes."

"There's something I need to tell you that is only for you to know. Once I tell you, erase this part of the security tape and some old footage of me leaving." Mello looked down for a second then back at the camera. "My real name is Miheal Keehl..." Near was temporarily stunned, he couldn't believe that Mello was telling him something so personal... "Mello... My name is Nate River." He muttered, knowing that he could trust Mello with it, especially since Mello trusted him with his name...

Mello nodded. "This is the last time we'll see each other. I believe that my next assignment will be my last. Goodbye... Nate." With that, he turned from the camera and leaved. He put on his sunglasses and headed towards his motorcycle. He couldn't let Near see him crying. Near had a feeling that Mello would say something like that. He held onto the button for a minute, "I love you, Mello." He muttered, knowing that Mello probably couldn't hear him, but it still felt like he was telling him anyway. He felt very cold and bit his lip, not wanting to get upset but not being able to stop it.

Mello stopped before getting on. He heard Near's words and the tears began to fall more. He got on his bike and started it. "I don't know if you can hear me, Near... but I love you too..." he said softly before driving off. Near, having had good hearing, was able to catch what Mello had said. This was enough to make him loose it. The tears he had been fighting back, refused to be held there any longer and flowed freely.

Continuing down the road, Mello noticed that it was beginning to snow a little. He picked up a walkie-talkie. "Matt, it's time."

Near's chest was hurting badly, he wanted to be able to do something, anything. Though, he knew that he couldn't, there was nothing he could do to stop what had already begun.

Mello raced to the meeting point, the pain in his heart growing more. Matt competently drove up to the point where Mello had told him to go. He was completely confused as to why Mello wanted for him to do this, and could see no point in capturing Takada now. What kind of information did he expect to get? Either way, he would just do as he was told, he was getting paid to do this after all. He rolled down the window as he approached and smirked as he fired a smoke bomb into the crowd. Create a distraction, that was all he would have to do. He quickly drove off, adrenaline flowing through him as he realized he was being chased.

Takada coughed and clung to Halle, her bodyguard always protected her in these situations. With Halle here, Takada felt completely safe, even more safe than the times she was with Light. Halle was a completely different kind of person, someone Takada really loved, no matter if it was returned or not. She wasn't even scared at all that the smoke bomb had gone off.

Mello heard the shots and raced up to Halle and Takada. "Get on," he said under his helmet, the tint hiding his face perfectly. Matt did a great job. After this, he was getting that game he wanted.

Matt was doing a good job of avoiding the cops for a while, though he knew he couldn't keep it going forever. He wasn't worried, however, for he knew that the cops wouldn't kill him, they weren't allowed to.

Takada gave a look to Halle, but her bodyguard seemed to agree that the best thing for her to do was to go with the motorcycle. It would be the quickest way out, she hastily walked over to the man and got on the motorcycle behind him. As soon as she was on, he began to drive. He began to focus on getting out of Tokyo and getting what he wanted from Takada.

Takada had no choice now, she knew that she had probably made a bad decision. This person could be a psychopath for all she knew, or at least an obsessive fan. She needed to see his face to be able to tell for sure. "Don't worry. I'll make sure you're safe..." he said. He needed to get her to the check point up ahead without anymore distractions.

Matt stopped the car as best as he could, with a great deal of screeching. He was completely surrounded, he had no choice. He stepped out of the car with his hands up, smiling almost confidently.

Takada didn't believe him, but unless she wanted to sustain serious injury or even death she would have to listen to him. Mello drove into the back of an open delivery truck and closed it behind them. He shoved Takada to the floor and pointed his gun at her. "Take off all your clothes." His voice was cold and emotionless. "If you want, you can wrap yourself with this blanket when you're done."

Near couldn't take doing nothing, if he couldn't interfere. He needed to at least watch, he turned on the TV and in an instant he saw Matt's car. And Matt's bloody body, he panicked instantly. It was possible that Matt could still be alive, and he couldn't call 911 from this number, so he quickly dialed the phone to call Halle. She was the closest person.

Takada look warily at the gun, "you really want me to get naked right here?" She asked incredulously, "what point will that serve," she wanted to add 'other than your sick fetishes' though she knew such a sentence could get her killed.

Halle quickly picked up her phone. "Yes sir?" She had followed the other cars in pursuit and was finally closing in on them.

"Yes, and be quick about it." Mello said, "I want to make sure you don't have anyone on you that may connect you to Kira. And don't worry yourself; I've seen women sexier than you."

"I need you to call 911 for me, the police have just shot Matt at the intersection of King, 56, and Broad there's a possibility he could still be alive." Near knew he didn't have to explain to her why he couldn't call anyone from this phone, and just hoped she caught on quickly.

Takada glared at Mello for a minute. "Fine, can I at least have the blanket before I take off my underwear?" She turned and took off her shirt and skirt with little effort, as though she was very practiced. She knew that the blonde might give her the blanket just to make her go faster, and that would be her victory. She had a piece of the Death Note hidden in her bra, she could slip it out when he wasn't looking and take advantage of it to kill him. "You can get it after all of your clothing is off." Mello said sharply, "Just put everything in that box next to you." For a brief moment, he felt a sharp pain in his heart and thought about Matt; he couldn't sense his presence.

"Of course. I can see some of the others leaving. I'm on it." She hung up then called 911, hoping for a miracle. Near hung up as well, knowing that Halle would get the job done. The cameras had moved off of Matt and were searching for Takada's kidnapper, Mello. He knew that it would be disgraceful to look away, he needed to watch. There was nothing more he could do at the moment, than keep watch, no matter how untruthful he knew the news to be.

Takada frowned, this screwed up her plans completely. She couldn't have the piece of the death Note, so she would have to rely on Light to save her. There was nothing else she could do. She took off her underwear and threw it haughtily into the box. "Are you satisfied? Can I have the towel now?"
"Not really, Takada. Didn't know you were so fat under all those clothes," he said hotly, tossing her the blanket. He opened the door and stepped out. "Stay quiet and I won't kill you." He slammed it shut and got into the cabin. Mello turned the engine and drove away.
Takada couldn't have been any angrier at that statement. She was not fat! If she had been, she wouldn't have gotten her job! The media was only interested in pretty girls after all.... "You bastard," she muttered angrily, "Miheal Keehl, you won't live through this you know. Someone will come and save me!"

As continued driving, Mello turned on the small television and instantly saw Matt's car full of bullet holes. He felt... guilt for sending Matt out like that. "Matt.... I'm so sorry..." he whispered to himself, pulling into an abandoned church. Takada wasn't talking so he had to kill her soon. He sighed, starting to hear bells ringing in his head. Near would have tracked him by satellite if he wanted.

Near continued to watch, though it seemed no one could find Mello. Ever since the SPK had lost its funding, there was no way that Near could track Mello down. There was only one option, and that was very limited. He could redial the phone, for the last person he had talked to was Mello.. There was no guarantee he would answer but still it was worth a shot... Merely to find out where he was, so that Near could prove him wrong. He had to do the best he could, and this was hardly best in any book. He hit redial, and knew that there was a good chance that it wouldn't get picked up or that someone else had used the phone since.

Mello's cell phone began to ring, but he couldn't pick it up. In the back of the truck, Takada clung to the blanket and her piece of the Death Note with Mello's name on it, shivering. Broken glass laid beside her feet and she had the emergency phone that was in the truck. She knew that there was only person she should call at that moment. She was slightly startled by the ringing of Mello's phone but shook it off. He got what he deserved.

Near didn't have to be told to know what had happened. He didn't need to go through the stages to get to acceptance, for he could simply feel that it had happened. It was an odd thing, really. But somehow, he already knew. There was no point in looking anymore. He pressed a few buttons to call Halle, and he didn't wait for her to say anything before he gave orders. "Mello is dead, and Takada probably is as well, I need you to go see if you can retrieve the bodies or not. In all likelihood they'll be burned, knowing how Kira works... But it'd be best to at least try."
Halle was leaving the hospital when she received the call. "Yes, sir..." She said softly, hanging up. Mello was gone. She sighed sadly for a moment before taking off.

Matt laid on a hospital bed, in a deep sleep. While there, he began to dream: the first time to met Mello, all the games they used to play, the times he had to separate Mello and Near... the last thing he saw was the last time he saw Mello and his last words to him. 'See you soon, Matt...'

Near had left the SPK headquarters and had decided to see if Matt had made it out of critical condition yet. He silently stalked into the room, and sat on the floor, simply watching Matt as he slept. Matt groaned a bit and opened his eyes. Am I really alive...? he thought, looking up at the ceiling. How the hell did he survive that hail of bullets? The vest... Mello's bulletproof vest. His body felt like lead, his arms and legs burned. He looked around a bit. "...Is... a-anyone here...?"
"I'm here, Matt." Near answered, he probably wasn't the person that Matt wanted to see but no doubt there was no one else to come here for him.

His eyes widened slightly and he turned his head. "N-near...? It's been a while..." He smiled a bit. "You've grown since the orphanage..." Matt tried to sit up but fell back in pain, "Ow..." Near gave a small sad smile, he didn't really want to tell Matt about Mello, and was hoping he could avoid the conversation for as long as possible. Matt just seemed to nice and to happy to tell. He would be crushed, it was his best friend after all. And Near knew he wasn't a consultation for Matt... At least he didn't think he was. "It's best that you don't move much, try to avoid using your muscles. You nearly died back there."

"Maybe talking to the police wasn't the smartest thing..." he chuckled, "At least when I get out of here, Mello's going to get me that new game I've been asking for. He said if the mission succeeded, he would." Matt took a deep breath. "Mello's bulletproof vest saved me, I guess. I really owe him." Near lowered his head slightly. "...Mello died..." He muttered, knowing that Matt would be able to hear him. "Takada killed him, and Kira killed Takada..."
Matt closed his eyes for a moment and fell silent. "I see..." he said softly, fighting back tears, "He told me that he had a feeling that either one or both of us will die today... I guess it wasn't my time." Two tears still fell down his face, "I guess I won't get to see L again for a while..." Near bit his lip, "it was my fault, you know. He died because of me...."

"Hmm? Whaddya mean 'it's your fault'?" Matt sat up a bit to look at Near better. "What happened between you and him yesterday?" Near deliberately ignored the second question and simply answered the first. "He died because he was trying to save me." He said biting his lip more ferociously. "Near, you didn't answer my second question. What happened between you and Mello?" Matt asked quietly, "I know that much already. That was the whole point of the mission."
Near didn't want to have to spell it out for Matt, nor did he want to talk about it at all. "Matt, think about it... Mello has claimed to hate me for about fourteen years, and then he suddenly wants to save me. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what happened." Also he didn't understand... If Matt knew that was the point of the mission, then why did he go through with it?

"I know... It was weird at first when he told me," Matt sighed laying back down and tried to imitate Mello. "This is our final mission, Matt: we're going to save Near. Someway, Takada got a hold of an image of him and is going to give it to Kira. We're going to kidnap her and get that picture back or kill her, whichever comes first." Near nodded curtly, "you knew that, and you still went along with it? You don't care about what happens to me, so why did you do it?"

Matt smiled and closed his eyes, "You could say I'm a loyal dog to Mello; I don't question an order, I just do them. And for your information, I do care about what happens to you. You kept Mello... happy and interested in the Kira case." Near hid his face behind his leg. He didn't want to be seen crying. "How long did you know?" Was Mello really that obvious about what he thought?

"From day one of the case..." Matt said, crying a bit. "He told me one night, half asleep. He really did love you, Near, but he was afraid of your reaction." Near curled up, holding his legs close to himself. "I'm so sorry, Matt."
"It's alright, Near... the best thing to do now is finish the case and avenge him and L." Matt wiped his eyes on his pillow and saw his goggles on the table. He reached over for them and smiled. Near nodded, hastily wiping the tears off his eyes. "That was the plan. If Mello hadn't done this, then I would've lost to Kira. There's no way I'm letting him win."

Matt sat up and placed the goggles on Near's head. "You can keep them, Near." Near gave Matt a confused look, as he took the goggles off his head to examine them. "Why are you giving this to me?" Matt had, had these as long as Near could recall, always the same ones. It seemed odd for him to give them up like they were nothing. "Just think of those as a security blanket for when you meet Light... It looks like I won't be able to go along with you." Matt said softly, laying back down, "Besides, as often I go through those, I have a few more back at the hideout."
Near smiled, "Thank you, Matt."

"I couldn't have done this without Mello." He picked up the blonde's fingerpuppet before placing it on his finger next to his own puppet. "Maybe it was because I lacked the action and he lacked the calm, but I always knew I'd never surpass L. Even if he never beat me like he wanted to, even if he never...." He trailed off for a minute before continuing. "When we work together we can surpass L..." He said it confidently as he watched Light. "Talk your way out of this one." When he saw that Light could say nothing he couldn't help but feel triumph. I did it, Mello.

Little L

Final Farewell Part 1

Title: Final Farewell Part 1
Fandom: MelloxNear

AN: This is from an RP I did with a really good friend of mine. She's like a little sister to me.


Near worked halfheartedly. He knew it was important for the completion of the Kira case, but he couldn't concentrate, which was something entirely odd for him. He couldn't help himself for having no motivation. He knew that he'd need to catch Kira simply based on the reason that he was going against the law, and in his eyes, doing something evil... And yet, he was not motivated by the previous L's death. He was not looking for revenge, merely doing his job.

Mello was bored. He knew that catching Kira had to be the most important thing right now for him, but he didn't see as enthusiastic as he thought. He thought about the one person who seemed to catch his interest: Near. It's been years since Mello's seen the little cotton ball and had heard that he was in Japan. He began to grin as he took a bite out of his chocolate bar. It was time to pay Near a visit...

 There weren't any new leads that Near could take advantage of at the moment, until the taskforce and L2 made their move. He found it odd that he was feeling a sense of isolation. He was always alone, and it never seemed to bother him. He missed the orphanage, slightly, but he wasn't even sure why that was.

Mello was riding through the crowded streets on his motorcycle, heading towards a building that he believe that Near was at. He heard about the SPK and at the moment, he didn't feel like using a member to get in. All of his thoughts focusing on seeing Near again.

Near couldn't really understand why he'd missed the orphanage so badly. That place wasn't exactly a home for him, and he never felt at home there. In fact it was much more of a type of isolation, and it just seemed far too alone to be home. He'd never even made any friends at the orphanage, not that he that ever mattered much to him. He just worked far better by himself, without the influence of another on his work.

He stopped in front of a tall building with possibly over 20 stories. It was like Near to hide himself inside something like this. As he walked to the door, he noticed several security items: eye scanner, cameras that picked up audio, a scale, and a thumb scanner. He looked up at the camera. "I know you're in there..."

Near jumped, getting out of his temporary stupor as he heard Mello's voice through the camera. He was shocked that the blonde had come here, without Halle's 'help'. He also wondered why it was that Mello had wanted to come here, unless it was urgent. Maybe he needed to get information, or even wanted to give information on Kira. They were working closer together now that Mello had no other connections, and that was something Near was relieved for. He pressed and held a small button on the microphone to speak in the garbled voice to Mello. "What is it that you want?"

"I want to talk to you, face-to-face..." He had to keep his voice neutral. He couldn't let Near onto the real reason for his visit. "I might have some information you could use." It was true that he left Matt and the rest of the mafia behind in America, but it was sacrifice that had to be made.

Near thought about this for a minute, letting his finger off of the button. He wasn't sure if he should actually let Mello in, Near's investigators were all busy with their own assignments. Gevvanni was sorting through police files, Hal was acting as Takada's bodyguard, and Rester was in L.A. at the moment. This left him virtually defenseless, and after Mello's display of threatening to kill him last time, he wasn't sure if he should take another chance. Though, he was also taking a chance that he would be missing something quite important, should he chose to leave Mello out, so the choice would be obvious. He was not afraid of the blonde, and knew that Mello would not kill him, because his pride wouldn't let him. If Mello killed Near now, he wouldn't be beating him, and if that happened Mello would never live it down. Near clicked the button again and said, "fine, you can come up. Third floor just like the last time, I'll disable the security for you."

"Thank you." He waited a moment for a small red light to turn green before heading inside. The inside of the building reminded him eerily of the common room of Wammy's. He walked over to the elevator and pressed the button for the elevator. But before the elevator arrived, he placed his gun on the floor next to the door.

Near was genuinely surprised that he was being thanked, by Mello no less. He was slightly confused as to the blonde's behavior. He was acting much more calm and much more tolerating than usual, and that was something Near had yet to see. It was interesting, though it made Near slightly wary of what would happen. He disabled the rest of the security measures that would be in Mello's way, and simply waited for him to arrive, absently messing with his hair.

As he rode up to the third floor, Mello thought about what might possibly happen when they meet this time... and chuckled. There was no way this meeting would lead up to that. They were simply going to talk and he would leave, like last time.

Now that Near had thought about it, he couldn't help but be slightly wary of letting Mello come here without any security. It was almost as though Near had gone temporarily insane. It was always said, calm before a storm, so maybe this could lead to something quite dangerous maybe even life-threatening. Even with these thoughts in mind, there was no turning back.

As the doors opened, Mello sighed. There was no turning back now. He walked down the long hallway to the control room where Near was most likely in the middle of his toys. The blonde reached the control room and smirked. He was right.

Near didn't turn to talk to Mello as he entered, and merely talked with his back turned. Near wasn't very well-versed in manners, so this was perfectly acceptable in his book. "What is it that you wanted to tell me, Mello?" It would be best to get right to the point, because Near couldn't deny his wariness of having the blonde here.

"Why don't you turn to talk to me? This isn't exactly "face-to-face"." Mello said, stepping up behind Near. In all the years he's known Near, this was the first time he didn't feel the urge to cause him harm; it was more of a feeling of longing. What the hell was wrong with him?

Near wasn't sure why exactly Mello wasn't completely flying off the handle as he would usually do, nor did he understand why Mello was avoiding his question. "It doesn't really matter if I'm looking at you as I talk, the point will still get across." Near looked up at the blonde, simply because he didn't want Mello to get to angry too quickly.

Mello stepped in front of Near, glaring down at him. "So, you trust me enough to speak to you privately without your bodyguards around? What if I wanted to kill you, Near?"

"I know you won't do it," Near's eyes followed Mello. "You might want to kill me, but you can't do it or else you simply won't do it."

The blonde scoffed. "I could if you provoked me enough, Near. But that's not why I'm here."

"Then why are you here?" Near asked, he was having a hard time understanding why exactly Mello had even came here. He had been avoiding that question from Near by diverting the subject away from it, and it was starting to raise some suspicion in Near. He wouldn't have been surprised at all if Mello had come here to try and kill him.

"Tell me what you know so far about this Mikami person..." Mello said, looking away from Near for a moment. Something inside of him wanted to look the other's face, but he didn't want to at the moment.

"Mikami is a lawyer born in the Kanto region to a single mother born and raised in Tokyo. After graduating high school with flying colors he attended Tokyo University and got his masters degree there, he became a lawyer to help those who needed it. He has OCD and no surviving parents. He is our X-Kira suspect and as such Gevvanni is tailing him. He was seen often on the Sakura TV show Kira's kingdom, and said a few things that led me to believe he would be associated with Kira. His remarks could be taken in more than one way, and it seemed as though he appeared on the show to get the actual Kira's attention. It is also believed that he has the Shinigami eyes," Near rattled off the information all at once. He had no qualms about sharing information, as long as it meant that Kira would be captured sooner.

Mello nodded, showing that he was listening, but still avoiding looking into Near's eyes. He had a feeling that if he looked directly at Near, something would happen and he wouldn't have any control to stop it.

Near was slightly confused as to Mello's behavior. Why had Mello wanted Near to look at him, when Mello wasn't even returning the favor. It seemed odd in his opinion, in fact Mello's whole demeanor was odd. This was not like the Mello he knew. "Are you alright?" He asked, slightly concerned that something had happened to the blonde.

"I'm fine..." Mello snapped, "Is that the information you have on Mikami? What about Takada?" He had to keep his eyes away from Near at all costs. He, instead, focused on an incomplete puzzle several feet away.

Near nodded, "Takada was born in Osaka to a family of three. She went to a normal Japanese high school and then went to the same college as Light Yagami, our Kira suspect. She became an anchorwoman for NHN nightly news and has recently been elected as Kira's spokesperson. I have Halle trailing her, disguised as a bodyguard, though I'm sure you already knew that." Near knew that Mello already knew a great deal of this information simply based off of what Halle told him. He was getting quite annoyed with the blonde's adamant state of ignoring him, and he wasn't even sure why Mello was doing it. He couldn't think of a good reason for Mello to ignore him. "Mello, if you want me to look at you, then you have to look at me." He muttered.

The blonde turned his head to retort but stopped. He didn't change at all after all these years, except he got a bit taller. He felt his heart starting to race in his chest. D-damn... I can't look away now...

Near nodded, apparently pleased that he'd gotten Mello to do what he wanted him to. "Thank you," he muttered letting a half-smile, half-smirk cross his face for a split second before he realized he was doing it and pushed it back.

The blonde managed to snap out of his trance and look away from Near again. "W-whatever... Is that everything you know?"

"That's all I know about Takada and Mikami," Near said simply. He didn't expect not to get anything in return from Mello, he knew Mello well and he knew that Mello did not take charity. He had too much pride for that, if Near was going to give him information he would probably give something back. He wasn't sure why he was getting so aggravated that Mello wasn't looking at him, maybe it was because he didn't understand why he was told to look at Mello when Mello didn't want to look at him. "What happened to 'it's not talking face to face that way', " Near muttered again, remembering what Mello had said. "Do you really hate me that much?" Did Mello hate him enough that the blonde didn't want to look at Near? did the simple sight of Near make the blonde angry?

Mello looked at Near again. This time, he walked over to Near and picked him up by the collar of his shirt. "Don't try to twist my words, Near! I know what I said!" It wasn't hate that drove his actions, but hidden feelings of affections... the same ones that drove him to plant a kiss on the other's lips.

Near's eyes widened a considerable amount. He'd never would've expected that and he wasn't sure what to think of it. He had never experienced a sensation of that kind, though he really didn't want it to stop. After a few seconds of thought he tentavily returned the kiss.

That caught Mello off guard. Was Near... actually returning the kiss? Did that mean he had some feeling for him? Mello broke the kiss and stared at Near for a moment, his past feelings of hate dissolving.

Near blushed lightly, a small shade of pink tinting his cheeks, as he licked his lips still tasting a bit of the taste of chocolate on them. "That was certainly unexpected," he muttered as if talking about the weather. "So I guess that's what I should take as an answer then. I'm glad to know you don't entirely hate me."

Mello scoffed and let Near go. "Don't read too much into that, Near. It was a temporary lapse of control." His cheeks were still a pale pink and he spoke softly as if to control his tone of voice. He couldn't let Near know the real truth behind the kiss.

Near resisted the urge to laugh or smile, "here I was thinking that you always had very little control.." He muttered, content.

That did it. He shoved Near to the ground and pinned his hands down beside his head. "Look who's talking about control... you're not in control now, Near." He eyes stared down at Near's.

Near simply stared at Mello for a minute, not at all surprised by his reaction. "I am not in control, but neither are you." He muttered, knowing that was not what the blonde wanted to hear, but it was something Near knew to be true.

Mello growled and pressed his lips firmly against Near's. He had enough of him; Mello wanted to see emotions in the other's eyes and hear some emotion in his voice.

Near didn't resist, because he knew that even if he did it would be pointless. Also he didn't really want to resist, despite the fact that Mello was obviously looking for some sort of reaction to this action of his. He knew that, and yet he didn't want it to stop. He returned the kiss lightly.

Mello forced his tongue passed Near's lips, licking his tongue, coaxing it to move around some.

Near's eyes widened and he began to turn a shade of pink. He had never felt something like that before, and he couldn't help but think it was unsanitary. He had no idea where Mello had been, excluding Hal, so it was understandable. Despite how unsanitary it probably was, Near couldn't help himself from enjoying it. Though, he had no idea what he was supposed to be doing. He simply licked the blonde's tongue, as a sort of test.

Mello smiled a bit and continued. He released Near's hands and began to unbutton his shirt.

Near was understandably nervous about this, though for Mello this was probably nothing. He felt very weak at the moment, and almost as though he was being completely manipulated by Mello. He reached out, hoping to hold on to anything, to give him more security. He gripped Mello's rosary tightly, and the thought occurred to him. Was Mello really alright with doing this? He had never asked the blonde if he was a catholic or not, so the rosary might just be a fashion statement, but if it wasn't wouldn't this be a sin?

Mello felt the tug of his rosary and pulled away for a moment. A smirk appeared across his face; Near looked so fragile underneath him. He leaned down and captured Near's lips again; his hands still working on the buttons on his shirt.

Since Mello didn't say anything about it, it seemed pointless for Near to. He kept a hold on the rosary, simply because it made him feel slightly more secure. He kissed back with a slight more certainty, and did nothing to stop Mello's hands.

He finished unbuttoning the shirt and opened it. He broke the kiss then started kissing down his neck. Near's skin was warmer than it looked and faintly smelled of linen.

Near turned a few shades darker, and bit his lip ferociously to keep any noises from escaping. He wasn't sure if it would be a good thing or not to be vocal about how much Mello was affecting him, it might be a terrible idea and it might be a wonderful idea. Though Near was having a hard time keeping his brain, for all intelligent thought seemed to have escaped his grasp, he knew that Mello was quite unpredictable, and it might be dangerous for him to give the blonde too much.

Mello heard a small noise coming from Near and smiled. He continued down his chest and gently bite one of his nipples then sucking on it. That faint sound drove Mello mad; he wanted to hear more of it.

Near felt as though the small shred of intelligence he had left, had completely betrayed him. For he let out a sharp gasp followed by a soft moan. He immediately bit hard on his lip again, and was pretty sure that he had managed to make it bleed.

"Heh heh heh..." Mello chuckled, "The so-called emotionless Near is human after all..." He sat up and nipped at his neck, leaving a small hickey, then kissing it gently. He absently wondered how far he could go before losing all control.

Near trembled slightly. He knew that if he opened his mouth, he couldn't keep himself quiet, though he had to say something. "I am not emotionless, I have them but I just don't show them." At least, not before. Not before the blonde began forcing them out.

Mello looked Near into the eyes and smirked. He captured his lips once again and slid his hand under Near's waistband. He had to control himself and not rush things.

Near let out a small moan against the others lips, he did not expect such a shock of emotion to cursor through him at that simple touch. He felt as though he was being taunted, so he felt the need to counter. He licked Mello's lips lightly, his gaze becoming half-lidded.

That caught the blonde off guard for a moment. He didn't expect Near to do something like that. Mello licked Near's lips in return and gently sucked on them.

Near smiled, seeing that he'd managed to confuse Mello at least for a moment. He gripped tighter at Mello's rosary, and moaned gently. The lips really were the most sensitive part of the body.

Mello's hand moved a little quicker as he gently nibbled on Near's lips. He loved the sounds Near made; it was like a drug for Mello, making him want it more.

Near gently trembled as he continued to make noise. He was having a much harder time stopping them, not to mention a harder time thinking in general. His mind was completely clouded, and he felt so dependent on Mello at the moment. Mello was completely controlling him, and even though it was a situation that could be quite dangerous he couldn't help but think of it as pleasant.

Gently, Mello pulled his hand away and looked down at Near. "What's wrong, Near? You're trembling..." he said in a soft, almost un-Mello like voice. He ran his ungloved hand down Near's cheek. When he managed to do that, he didn't remember.

Near looked up at Mello almost concerned for the odd tone that had come into the blonde's voice. He wasn't sure how to respond to the question, and both answers he came up with sounded so foreign as though he'd never spoken the words before. "I'm nervous," he stated, not liking how it sounded, though he knew that he meant it.

Mello smiled a bit and kissed Near again, gently. "Don't worry about it... I won't hurt you." He began to kiss Near's chest, going towards his stomach. Even though Mello's done this many times before, this was most likely Near's first. He couldn't be as rough with him as he was with Matt.

Near said nothing, he didn't doubt that Mello was trying, but being hurt was not what his concern was. He was more concerned with later, the after-affect. Though he guessed that he should be content with what he was getting, and he couldn't be selfish. He let a small smile form on his lips.

He dipped his tongue in and around Near's navel to tease before reaching his waistband again. He gently curled his fingers around the waistband and looked up at Near, waiting for his permission...

Near bit down a vocal reaction at Mello's touch, and simply nodded his head. Knowing that if he opened his mouth, he couldn't control himself.

Mello nodded and took off not only Near's pant but his boxers as well. (Rubber ducky boxers. XD ) He continued kissing down his stomach and stopped to looks up at Near. "There's something I want to try... can I try it with you?"

"Depends on what it is." Near supplied, it would be a bad idea just to randomly agree with anything, and he wouldn't say anything else until he'd heard what Mello wanted.

"...I wanted to use my mouth..." he said softly, his faced tinting pink. Being on the other side of a round of oral was something that never crossed the blonde's mind, so he was a bit nervous talking about it; however, he already told Near he didn't want to hurt him and penetration would definitely hurt.

Near couldn't really think of an intelligent response for that, because he wasn't expecting anything of the sort. In fact the closest he had to a response was turning a few shades redder. It took him a few seconds before he could even piece together anything that sounded like words. "If... If that's what you want to do, then I don't really mind." He didn't fully understand, though he knew the general idea of the thing.

Mello nodded and bent over between his legs. He gently left butterfly kisses along his inner thigh before turning his attention to the one thing he wanted. He licked it gently before putting the head of it in his mouth.

Near gasped, not expecting for it to feel like that so quickly. He moaned in an encouraging tone.

The blonde began to suck on it gently, allowing Near time to adjust to the new feelings as well as time for himself to adjust. This was a new thing for Mello and he didn't want to mess it up.

Near gently threaded his fingers through Mello's hair. He wasn't going to do anything but simply keep a hold onto something, anything.

Mello began to suck a little harder and moving his head up and down. At the moment, Mello didn't care about the former hatred he had towards Near or the urges to kill him... right now, the only thing that mattered is this moment, right now.

Near moaned much more heavily, clutching at Mello's hair. He had completely forgotten nerves he had completely forgotten everything in fact. Nothing else really mattered at the moment, and it was so dangerous for him, and yet so immensely satisfying.

He felt Near pulling his hair and moaned a little. Mello had to admit, even though it was weird, it was an enjoyable feeling. He took the entire length into his mouth.

Near was having a very difficult time breathing, for all the sounds he was making. He was terrified that someone else would hear, though he couldn't bring himself to keep quiet. He managed to pant out the blonde's name.

Hearing Near call out his name like that made Mello harden a bit; he sounded so fragile and human, so... perfect. He continued his advances, alternating between gently sucks and hard ones.

Near's noises were becoming much more strained, as he turned an ever darker shade of red. He tightened and loosened his grip on Mello's hair in patterns. He was becoming quite desperate, actually, and it was certainly an unusual thing for him.

Mello quickened his pace a little, running his hand down the inside of his thigh. Near must be getting close; he was panting harder than normal and was barely able to say anything.

Near knew he must be getting close, for there wasn't much more he could take. "M-Mello, I think I'm..." He didn't say anything more, but he hoped that Mello would get the message in case he wanted to pull out beforehand. He had lost his ability to speak, and coherency was definitely not on his mind.

Mello heard him but continued at his pace. He wanted to see Near at his most weakest and he knew that he caused it.

Near had given the blonde enough warning, and it would be his fault if he got angry. He couldn't help it, it was just too much. He nearly shouted Mello's name as he completely gave in, releasing into Mello.

He felt something warm gush over his tongue and he pulled away, swallowing the salty tasting liquid. He panted softly and looked into Near's eyes.

Near's eyes were barely open, he'd lost all of his energy, and could barely even hold them open. He tried to regain his lost breath, but wasn't succeeding at all. His muscles had given out long ago, and his body was shaking slightly from the aftermath. He didn't think he had an ounce of strength left in his already weak body, and could probably just fall asleep right here and now.

Mello smiled softly and laid beside Near and held the younger in his arms. He planted a gently kiss on his forehead. He could feel Near's tiredness in his body and wanted to comfort Near for a bit.

Near relaxed against Mello, feeling the other's warmth. It was soothing, and he was enjoying how it felt immensely. "I'm sorry," he muttered simply, in a sort of apology in case Mello hadn't wanted Near to release in his mouth. He just felt the need to apologize, even if it wasn't needed.

"Why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong..." Mello yawned, holding Near closer. It was a calm feeling holding Near like this instead of attacking him.

"Because I felt like I needed to," Near stated. There was no real reason for him to apologize, though it seemed like something he should do. He felt so nice at the moment, so wonderfully warm. He'd never even had a embrace before, so this was a very pleasant and new experience for him.

"Heh... Don't worry about it." His eyes were starting to get heavy and he sighed peacefully. Near nodded, he looked up at the blonde for a minute and a sudden thought came to mind. "Mello, if I fall asleep, will you still be here tomorrow?" It was a sudden fear, or a sudden uncertainty.

"Yea... I'll be here... I have no place to go tomorrow..." he said, starting to fall asleep, "I wouldn't want to leave you alone..." Near was secretly overjoyed to hear that. "Thank you, Mello." He muttered before letting himself fall into the sleep that he'd wanted.

It wasn't too long before Mello was asleep as well. It was the first time in a long time that he was able to sleep peacefully.

RP Project

Okay, this is something I've decided to do with a couple of my friends on Gaiaonline.

Whenever I get done with a PM RP there, we'll convert to a story for LJ! Just gotta warn you folks, it's yaoi focused!

Oh, in case you don't know what "yaoi" means...
"Japanese acronym from '‘No climax, no point, no meaning’' (YAma nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi) — Male-on-male sexual content. Sometimes used for all male/male romantic and sexual content"
(Definition from Wikipedia)

Have fun reading what's really going on in my head!

Random Story: 002

 It all started when our overrated adventurer, Mello, woke up in a secret vineyard. It was the eighth time it had happened. Feeling abnormally puzzled, Mello attacked a banana, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not). Happy as a frickin' monkey, he realized that his beloved Godiva chocolate bar was missing!  Immediately he called his annoying neighbor, Near. Mello had known Near for (plus or minus) 153 years, the majority of which were exotic ones.  Near was unique. He was easygoing though sometimes a little... abrasive. Mello called him anyway, for the situation was urgent.

   Near picked up to a very ecstatic Mello. Near calmly assured him that most long-haired sea monkeys grimace before mating, yet Indonesian devil cats usually charismatically sigh *after* mating. He had no idea what that meant; he was only concerned with distracting Mello.  Why was Near trying to distract Mello?  Because he had snuck out from Mello's with the Godiva chocolate bar only six days prior.  It was a curious little Godiva chocolate bar... how could he resist?

   It didn't take long before Mello got back to the subject at hand: his Godiva chocolate bar. Near yawned. Relunctantly, Near invited him over, assuring him they'd find the Godiva chocolate bar. Mello grabbed his rhinocerus and disembarked immediately. After hanging up the phone, Near realized that he was in trouble. He had to find a place to hide the Godiva chocolate bar and he had to do it thoughtfully. He figured that if Mello took the deliciously practical 4-door, he had take at least six minutes before Mello would get there.  But if he took the motorcycle?  Then Near would be alarmingly screwed.

   Before he could come up with any reasonable ideas, Near was interrupted by two dimwitted black cats that were lured by his Godiva chocolate bar. Near turned red; 'Not again', he thought. Feeling angered, he deftly reached for his carrot and aimlessly deflowered every last one of them. Apparently this was an adequate deterrent--the discouraged critters began to scurry back toward the foxy forest, squealing with discontent. He exhaled with relief.  That's when he heard the motorcycle rolling up.  It was Mello.


   As he pulled up, he felt a sense of urgency. He had had to make an unscheduled stop at Big Lots to pick up a 12-pack of ninja stars, so he knew he was running late.  With a careful leap, Mello was out of the motorcycle and went wildly jaunting toward Near's front door.  Meanwhile inside,  Near was panicking.  Not thinking, he tossed the Godiva chocolate bar into a box of ninja stars and then slid the box behind his giraffe. Near was worried but at least the Godiva chocolate bar was concealed.  The doorbell rang.

   'Come in,' Near scandalously purred.  With a mighty push, Mello opened the door.  'Sorry for being late, but I was being chased by some abrasive coke fiend in a Jap Trap,' he lied.  'It's fine,' Near assured him. Mello took a seat just perfectly far from where Near had hidden the Godiva chocolate bar. Near sneezed trying unsuccessfully to hide his nervousness.  'Uhh, can I get you anything?' he blurted.  But Mello was distracted. Happy as a frickin' monkey, Near noticed a dimwitted look on Mello's face. Mello slowly opened his mouth to speak.

   '...What's that smell?'

   Near felt a stabbing pain in his scalp when Mello asked this.  In a moment of disbelief, he realized that he had hidden the Godiva chocolate bar right by his oscillating fan. 'Wh-what?  I don't smell anything..!'  A lie.  A annoying look started to form on Mello's face. He turned to notice a box that seemed clearly out of place. 'Th-th-those are just my grandma's dull pencils from when she used to have pet man-eating capybaras.  She, uh...dropped 'em by here earlier'. Mello nodded with fake acknowledgement...then, before Near could react, Mello skillfully lunged toward the box and opened it.  The Godiva chocolate bar was plainly in view.

   Mello stared at Near for what what must've been ten microseconds. Absolutely thrilled, Near groped explosively in Mello's direction, clearly desperate. Mello grabbed the Godiva chocolate bar and bolted for the door.  It was locked. Near let out a curious chuckle. 'If only you hadn't been so protective of that thing, none of this would have happened, Mello,' he rebuked. Near always had been a little annoying, so Mello knew that reconciliation was not an option; he needed to escape before Near did something crazy, like... start chucking live hand grenades at him or something. Happy as a frickin' monkey, he gripped his Godiva chocolate bar tightly and made a dash toward the window, diving headlong through the glass panels.

   Near looked on, blankly. 'What the hell?  That seemed excessive.  The other door was open, you know.' Silence from Mello. 'And to think, I varnished that window frame six days ago...it never ends!' Suddenly he felt a tinge of concern for Mello. 'Oh.  You ..okay?' Still silence. Near walked over to the window and looked down. Mello was gone.


   Just yonder, Mello was struggling to make his way through the disease-infested jungle behind Near's place. Mello had severely hurt his shin during the window incident, and was starting to lose strength.  Another pack of feral black cats suddenly appeared, having caught wind of the Godiva chocolate bar.  One by one they latched on to Mello.  Already weakened from his injury, Mello yielded to the furry onslaught and collapsed.  The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was a buzzing horde of black cats running off with his Godiva chocolate bar.

   But then Kira came down with His clever smile and restored Mello's Godiva chocolate bar. Feeling angered, God smote the black cats for their injustice.  Then He got in His hippie-pleasing hybrid vehicle and sputtered away with the fortitude of  20 legless puppies running from a little pack of venomous koalas. Mello skipped with joy when he saw this. His Godiva chocolate bar was safe. It was a good thing, too, because in seven minutes his favorite TV show,  Kira's Kingdom, was going to come on (followed immediately by 'When disease-carrying chipmunks meet hand grenade'). Mello was excited. And so, everyone except Near and a few ebola-toting 3-legged wallabies lived blissfully happy, forever after.
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Random Story: 001

It all started when our cliche, protagonistic figure, Light, woke up in a fanstic pumpkin patch. It was the tenth time it had happened. Feeling exceedingly frustrated, Light groped a live hand grenade, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not). A few unsatisfying minutes later, he realized that his beloved Death Note was missing!  Immediately he called his so-called friend, Misa. Light had known Misa for (plus or minus) 1.2 billion years, the majority of which were sassy ones.  Misa was unique. She was outgoing though sometimes a little... abrasive. Light called her anyway, for the situation was urgent.

   Misa picked up to a very glad Light. Misa calmly assured him that most man-eating capybaras panic before mating, yet 3-legged wallabies usually earnestly belch *after* mating. She had no idea what that meant; she was only concerned with distracting Light.  Why was Misa trying to distract Light?  Because she had snuck out from Light's with the Death Note only eight days prior.  It was a saucy little Death Note... how could she resist?

   It didn't take long before Light got back to the subject at hand: his Death Note. Misa grimaced. Relunctantly, Misa invited him over, assuring him they'd find the Death Note. Light grabbed his George Foreman grill and disembarked immediately. After hanging up the phone, Misa realized that she was in trouble. She had to find a place to hide the Death Note and she had to do it skillfully. She figured that if Light took the gas-guzzling, ecology-destroying, tankish SUV, she had take at least five minutes before Light would get there.  But if he took the train?  Then Misa would be really screwed.

   Before she could come up with any reasonable ideas, Misa was interrupted by three stupid white doves that were lured by her Death Note. Misa shuddered; 'Not again', she thought. Feeling angered, she recklessly reached for her banana and thoughtfully groped every last one of them. Apparently this was an adequate deterrent--the discouraged critters began to scurry back toward the lemur-infested moor, squealing with discontent. She exhaled with relief.  That's when she heard the train rolling up.  It was Light.


   As he pulled up, he felt a sense of urgency. He had had to make an unscheduled stop at The Salvation Army to pick up a 12-pack of ninja stars, so he knew he was running late.  With a calculated leap, Light was out of the train and went scandalously jaunting toward Misa's front door.  Meanwhile inside,  Misa was panicking.  Not thinking, she tossed the Death Note into a box of dull pencils and then slid the box behind her elephant. Misa was frustrated but at least the Death Note was concealed.  The doorbell rang.

   'Come in,' Misa wildly purred.  With a apt push, Light opened the door.  'Sorry for being late, but I was being chased by some insensitive coke fiend in a deliciously practical 4-door,' he lied.  'It's fine,' Misa assured him. Light took a seat conveniently far from where Misa had hidden the Death Note. Misa sighed trying unsuccessfully to hide her nervousness.  'Uhh, can I get you anything?' she blurted.  But Light was distracted. Before the all-seeing eyes of a perpetually displeased diety, Misa noticed a annoying look on Light's face. Light slowly opened his mouth to speak.

   '...What's that smell?'

   Misa felt a stabbing pain in her taint when Light asked this.  In a moment of disbelief, she realized that she had hidden the Death Note right by her oscillating fan. 'Wh-what?  I don't smell anything..!'  A lie.  A pestering look started to form on Light's face. He turned to notice a box that seemed clearly out of place. 'Th-th-those are just my grandma's bananas from when she used to have pet man-eating capybaras.  She, uh...dropped 'em by here earlier'. Light nodded with fake acknowledgement...then, before Misa could react, Light aimlessly lunged toward the box and opened it.  The Death Note was plainly in view.

   Light stared at Misa for what what must've been six minutes. Just as zero people expected Misa groped explosively in Light's direction, clearly desperate. Light grabbed the Death Note and bolted for the door.  It was locked. Misa let out a sassy chuckle. 'If only you hadn't been so protective of that thing, none of this would have happened, Light,' she rebuked. Misa always had been a little oafish, so Light knew that reconciliation was not an option; he needed to escape before Misa did something crazy, like... start chucking dangerous oil-soaked rags at her or something. As if it really mattered he gripped his Death Note tightly and made a dash toward the window, diving headlong through the glass panels.

   Misa looked on, blankly. 'What the hell?  That seemed excessive.  The other door was open, you know.' Silence from Light. 'And to think, I varnished that window frame eleven days ago...it never ends!' Suddenly she felt a tinge of concern for Light. 'Oh.  You ..okay?' Still silence. Misa walked over to the window and looked down. Light was gone.


   Just yonder, Light was struggling to make his way through the swamp behind Misa's place. Light had severely hurt his kidney during the window incident, and was starting to lose strength.  Another pack of feral white doves suddenly appeared, having caught wind of the Death Note.  One by one they latched on to Light.  Already weakened from his injury, Light yielded to the furry onslaught and collapsed.  The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was a buzzing horde of white doves running off with his Death Note.

   About six hours later, Light awoke, his fingernail throbbing.  It was dark and Light did not know where he was.  Deep in the broad lemur-infested moor, Light was abundantly lost. Before the all-seeing eyes of a perpetually displeased diety, he remembered that his Death Note was taken by the white doves. But at that point, he was just thankful for his life.  That's when, to his horror, a little white dove emerged from the foxy forest.  It was the alpha white dove. Light opened his mouth to scream but was cut short when the white dove sunk its teeth into Light's kidney. With a faint groan, the life escaped from Light's lungs, but not before he realized that he was a failure.

   Less than nine miles away, Misa was entombed by anguish over the loss of the Death Note.  'MY PRECIOUS!!' she cried, as she reached for a sharpened live hand grenade.  With a heroic thrust, she buried it deeply into her love handle.  As the room began to fade to black, she thought about Light... wishing she had found the courage to tell him that she loved him.  But she would die alone that day.  All that remained was the Death Note that had turned them against each other, ultimately causing their demise.  And as the dew on melancholy sappling branches began to reflect the dawn's reddish glare, all that could be heard was the chilling cry of distant white doves, desecrating all things sacred to virtuous men, and perpetuating an evil that would reign for centuries to come.  Our heroes would've lived unhappily ever after, but they were too busy being dead.  So, no one lived forever after, the end. :'(
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IMVU: Diary of an Angel

Date: 8/2

I had a visitor at my mansion, a young samurai.

He seemed nice enough... although, I felt attracted to him. It wasn't long before something happened between us.

A creature of darkness and an angel of light... what an unlikely pairing.

It may be wrong...

...But it feels so right. I'm happy for the first time in ages.

He wished that he wasn't consumed by the darkness in his heart; that he could be truly happy...
...I'm doing my best to keep him as happy as I am, since he's doing the same for me.

We are two sides of the same coin, equal yet opposite sides. Yin and Yang... Fire and Water... Light and Darkness...

Whatever you call us, we're still the same.

DN Images and Captions

Okay, I'm bored so I'm going to post my favorite images and captions I made up for them. (The only one that isn't made up is the first one.)

Just as planned...

Don't L looks cute with that ice cream cone? ^///^

L: No, Light. I swear being chained to you doesn't have anything to do with being in love with you...

Near: Don't mess with me.... I'll fuck your shit up.

And with the 'Kick of Doom', L wins!

I always knew Light liked it like that.... XD

It was only when Light figured out that Misa was pregnant that he knew that being God of the new world means that he would still have to pay child support payments.

Old Godzilla was hopping around, Tokyo city like a big playground... (Song is "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon)

Mikami is such a manwhore for Light Kira

Yea for Watari and ice cream!! ...And no, you don't look weird in that pink apron.

The real reason for the fight? Loser had to sleep on the bottom... or with Misa. Thank goodness Matsuda called.... a tie means Misa sleeps alone.

L during his tennis match with Light... I didn't notice that short-sleeve shirt in the anime.

Easy, Matsuda. Write down Light's, Misa's and Mikami's name in it.

So was your mom, Light! Ha!

Oh, Matt... o////o I love you, but you look like Christmas. :_(

Don't he look cute with his fingerpuppets? ^////^

Near: What the hell is this? I asked for MegaRoboMan X3-12 and you give me MegaRoboMan X2-11??

He's a Kira
She's a Kira
And another (Corporate Kira)
Thoughtful Kira
Psycho Kira
L! <3

And that's all for now!

Poem: "Poisoned"

Everyone knows what poison is...
Sometimes it kills you quickly
Sometimes it takes its sweet time.

At times, you know you're poisoned
Other times, you don't know...
...until it's too late.

I know I've been poisoned
But the real question is...
Did I poison the person who poisoned me?

A simple hug and kiss
Transferred it from him to me
The symptoms are now starting to show.

A feverish feeling when he's near
Hallucinations of his face
All my thoughts go to him...

His poison is the kind that makes you crazy...
Crazy with desire and longing
There's only one way to relieve the pain of the symptoms.

Being wrapped in his arms
Hearing his heartbeat
Feeling his hand softly rub my cheek

Whether or not it helps,
It proves one thing to me:
He's as poisoned as I am.
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